Quality of Air, Quality of Life

Living in Bangladesh, particularly in any of the major cities like Dhaka or Chattogram, we are subjected to high levels of noise & air pollution.

Some people like to have air conditioning on all the time but for others this is not comfortable or possible.

Constant air conditioning in a closed environment has it's negative effects too and at times you feel closed up and suffocated.

Our instincts tell us that we need fresh air and this is actually backed up by our physical bodies generating symptoms such as drowsiness & headaches (due to high CO2 levels).

Energy Recovery Ventilation

Energy Recovery Ventilation or ERV Systems offer us the possibility for healthier living by improving the quality of the air that we breathe indoors.

■ Opening windows for ventilation lets the polluted outdoor air into our homes

■ Keeping the windows shut doesn’t provide any ventilation which means

      that the indoor air becomes stale and unhealthy

■ Most air conditioners provide no fresh air and the few that do, usually don't provide sufficient fresh air 

■ Air purifiers don't provide any fresh air

For good indoor air quality, an ERV is the best choice!

Why do I need this?

By providing continuous, 24x7 clean, fresh air exchange & circulation, ERV systems provide a cleaner & safer environment, regardless of your space.

Change your lifestyle and environment completely for a truly revolutionary experience!

At Home

  • Clean Home

  • Fresh feeling

  • Reduce respiratory & cardiac health risks

  • Reduce allergies

  • Preserve your upholstery, clothes, shoes, bags and other valuable items

At Work

  • Higher Productivity

  • More Creativity

  • Fewer absences

  • Less ailments

  • Healthier work environment


  • Lower CO2

  • Remove odours

  • Eliminate stale air

  • Healthier work-out

  • Reduce risk of bacterial & viral exposure

AT Restaurants

  • Reduce the smell of food

  • Reduce stale odours

  • Reduce risk of bacterial & viral exposure

  • Provide a better dining experience 

How does it work?

​Fresh Air Intake

  • Outside Air is passed through a filter and brought in by a fan

  • Passed through a second filter

  • Passed through a heat exchanger to cool (or heat) it using the inside air

  • Passed through a fine grade filter to remove fine pollution

  • Pumped into all the rooms of your space

Stale Air Exhaust

  • Inside air is pulled out from various locations in your space by a fan

  • Passed through a filter

  • Passed through a heat exchanger to cool (or heat) the incoming outside air

  • Exhausted outside