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Good Air Quality

Privilege, Right or Necessity?

Living in a clean, healthy environment is the most fundamental right that we all have. Unfortunately, in a lot of places in the world, this basic right & necessity is not met.

When we live under such conditions, we have no easy way to influence the external environment but we do have the means to control and improve our home & work place air quality.

At Interiex we are bringing the best solutions and expertise to improve your home and work environment to an extent that you will find truly transformational.

This website provides information and insights on the issues and challenges in achieving the right environment at home or at work.

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Re-imagine your home!

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The most fundamental of factors for comfort & health.

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Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) solution.


A counter-point to noise is music that enhances & alleviates our mood and makes life so much better at times!

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Sound & Noise

We often don't register the impact that this has on our well being until ...... silence

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Let there be light, or not....

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Change the way you interact with your environment or the way it interacts with you...

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Security & Safety

Peace of mind - it's priceless!

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